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DI-290 / DI-206P
DI-290 / DI-206P Camomile Tonic Lotion
This fragrant toner revives dull, sensitive, dry skin and prepares skin for treatment with specific day and night creams.

Thoroughly cleanses and purifies dry and sensitive skin.
120 ml
600 ml
DI-490/DI-209P Refreshing Aroma Phyto Lotion
Rich in peppermint, lavender and chamomile extracts, this alcohol-free toner helps purify and balance the skin. A natural blend of herbal extracts clean, refresh, and soothes irritated skin, decreasing redness and inflammation.

Calms and soothes all skin types.
120 ml
600 ml
DI-292/DI-208P Refreshing Dermal Regulator
A gentle astringent that refines and refreshes. Made with cucumber extract, witch hazel, and chamomile water, it leaves the skin feeling soft and invigorated.

Refines and refreshes skin.
120 ml
600 ml
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