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DI-220P Aloe Vera Gel
This water-based gel is ideal to protect and restore your skin from the drying effects of weather, such as sudden changes in temperature.

Nourishes skin, encourages collagen fiber production, stimulates cell renewal, deters wrinkles, soothes sunburn, and treats minor skin irritations and cuts.
600 ml
DI-228P Calming Mask
A gentle mask recommended to calm and soothe delicate, sensitive, or easily irritated skin with fragile capillaries.

Calms and soothes sensitive and reddened skin.
500 ml
DI-240 / DI-234P
DI-240 / DI-234P Camphor Mask
This formula contains natural camphor and zinc oxide to provide a cooling, purifying, and absorbent effect on oily, blemished, or tired skin.

Cools and soothes oily and blemished skin.
50 g
500 ml
DI-219P Collagen Elastin Gel
This water-based gel is ideal for moisturizing and repairing skin thanks to the high content of collagen and active natural extracts.

Moisturizes, repairs, and tightens skin.
600 ml
DI-221P Ginkgo Biloba Gel
This fragrance-free water-based gel is ideal for improving blood circulation and is particuarly effective on reddened skin.

Strengthens blood vessels, revitalizes aging skin, improves blood circulation.
600 ml
DI-239 / DI-232P
DI-239 / DI-232P Hyaluronic Mask
This delicate lightly-fragrant formula is specially formulated to smoothe and hydrate skin of all ages. A combination of hyaluronic acid, natural mineral and oligo extracts, strong moisturizes, and anti-irritating agents make it highly effective against wrinkles.

Fights wrinkles, restores skin elasticity and hydration.
50 g
500 ml
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