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DI-534 Acne Care Essence
This effective treatment removes and improves acne, leaving skin sleek and refined.

Treats and prevents acne and hydrates skin.
50 ml
DI-542 Extreme Lifting Eye Essence
This intensive care system improves the appearance of the entire eye area with both immediate and long-term effects, providing eyes with a fresh, natural look.

Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces puffiness and dryness, improves skin tone and elasticity.
50 ml
DI-541 Intensive Whitening Essence
This essence delivers intense brightening and revitalizing effects straight to the skin to help fight pigmentation.

Enhances moisture barrier of the skin, reduces appearance of sun spots, freckles, and uneven pigmentation. Instantly makes skin soft, smooth, supple, and luminous.
50 ml
DI-532 Luxury Caviar & Diamond Essence
This restorative essence harnesses the highly hydrating and nutritive power of caviar extract and diamond powder to help stimulate collagen synthesis and rekindle lost luster.

Replenishes moisture, smoothes and refines skin texture, reignites youthful luminosity.
50 ml
DI-533 Sodium Hyaluronate Essence
This essence effectively and immediately moisturizes skin, even in very dry environments. Its high penetrative ability targets the deep layer of skin to repair wrinkles and dryness.

Protects and moisturizes skin, reduces appearance of wrinkles.
50 ml
DI-540 Soluble Collagen Essence
This essence contains a high density of hyaluronic acid to continuously moisturize skin, leaving it smooth, delicate, and more elastic.

Hydrates and firms skin, stimulates respiration and regeneration.
50 ml
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