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DI-392 / DI-401P
DI-392 / DI-401P Anti-Bacterial Gel
Enriched with essential oils, this product also contains propolis wax: an effective, natural, and anti-bacterial ingredient that disinfects skin and prevents infections.

Disinfects and normalizes sebum levels in the skin
30 ml
200 ml
DI-508 Awakening Cream Stem Cells (Apple Stem Cells Cream)
The next generation of face cream uses apple stem cells tp harness the regenerative potential of your own facial stem cells for younger, smoother, and brighter skin.

Rejuvenates the skin by awakening undifferentiated stem cells in the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, deep lines, and other signs of aging.
50 g
DI-212P Dermal Massage Cream
A delicate emulsion formulated with a high wheat germ oil content to nourish the skin.

For professional facial massages.
500 ml
DI-307 / DI-226P
DI-307 / DI-226P Face Cream with Propolis
This face cream is rich in propolis to help regulate skin sebum levels in problem skin, leaving skin clean and bright.

Moisturizes skin while treating and preventing breakouts.
50 g
200 ml
DI-304 / DI-225P
DI-304 / DI-225P Firming Nourishing Cream (Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Cream)
This rich, delicate, non-greasy emulsion combines royal jelly and wheat germ oil to smooth fine lines and wrinkles while nourishing skin.

Nourishes skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Also serves as an excellent base for makeup.
50 g
500 ml
DI-303 Firming Smoother Neck Cream
This highly intensive treatment for the delicate neck area smoothes and firms the skin while maintaining youthful skin elasticity.

Firming and smoothing results can be seen shortly.
50 g
DI-531 / DI-531P
DI-531 / DI-531P Hydro-Active 24 Moisturizer
This face cream is deal for the treatment of hypersensitive and dry skin prone to redness. Cranberry, cucumber, camomile, and other active plant extracts provide skin with hydration up to 24 hours.

Moisturizes skin to form a barrier to increase resiliency, leaving skin fresh, soft, and supple. Also an excellent base for makeup.
50 g
200 ml
DI-380 / DI-214P
DI-380 / DI-214P New Face Cream For Reddened Skin
This delicate cream protects easily irritated skin from harmful effects of the environment, such as cold, wind, and sun. Calendula and bilberry extracts make it indispensible for the treatment of reddened skin.

Decreases redness, protects and moisturizes sensitive skin.
50 g
500 ml
DI-265 Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40 (Ultra Sun Block Cream)
This non-greasy formula protects delicate skin from sun-exposure and drying.

UV filters provide sun protection.
30 ml
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