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DI-516P Active Radiance Serum Concentrate
This highly concentrated serum set contains anti-oxidant agents to protect skin against harmful environmental effects such as extreme heat or cold, wind, and radiation.

Reinforces the skin and improves its ability to repair and protect while moisturizing, softening, and improving elasticity of the skin.
5 ml x 6
DI- 511P
DI- 511P Cellular Revitalizing Serum Concentrate
This anti-wrinkle treatment set provides immediate lifting effect alongside long-term results.

Stimulates collagen and elastin fiber synthesis and slows the breakdown of collagen.
5 ml x 6
DI-517P Collagen Serum Concentrate
This marine collagen-based treatment set provides exceptional moisturizing.

Makes skin velvety smooth, bright, and compact.
5 ml x 6
DI-510P Eye Bag Tightening Serum Concentrate
This eye zone treatment is an intensive care system for the entire eye area with instant and long-lasting effects.

Smooths fine lines, reduces puffiness and dryness, restructures skin tissue and evens out skin tone.
5 ml x 6
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