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DI-272P Aroma Phyto Oil
With a base of skin softening agents, this frictionless massage oil is rich in wheat germ oil with a complete blend of phytoactive, aromatic essential oils.

Refreshes and relaxes, soothes muscular pains, promotes sensual aromas that help improve lyphatic circulation to combat cellulite.
600 ml
DI-312P Hot Chilli Gel
This advanced gel treatment is formulated with innovative hot chili and natural herbal extracts to create a sauna-like sensation to combat cellulite and water retention and helps attack subcutenous fat tissue.

Helps dissolve built-up fat in cells under skin by activating a naturally-produced enzyme in subcutaneous tissue.
600 ml
DI-360P / DI-361P
DI-360P / DI-361P Hot Herbal Compress
This compress formulated from 14 medicinal herbs helps reduce muscular aches and pains, sprains, and sport injuries.

Imroves circulation; can be used by almost everyone.
small and medium
DI-395P Intensive Hands And Heel Cream
This non-greasy cream is enriched with tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils for maximum healing and soothing action.

Strengthens and balances the texture of the hands and heels with a non-greasy protective barrier.
50 g
DI-354P Lymphatic Drainage Massage Oil
With a base of skin-softening ingredients, this frictionless massage oil is enriched with sweet-almond oil and is the ideal mixture to help essential oils penetrate the skin.

Helps reduce liquid retention and drain metabolic impurities in connecting tissue.
600 ml
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