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The major constituent of all living matter and the ingredient used most in the cosmetic industry. Because of this fact, the industry fought labeling that required listing ingredients in descending order since water would be the first most of the time. However, listing in descending order is now required. It is important that water used in cosmetics be sterile to avoid contamination of the product. Manufacturers may also have to soften water in some areas because of the high mineral content that may effect the texture and appearance of the finished product.
Wheat Germ Oil
Triticum Vulgare. The broken coat of Triticum aestivum. The golden germ of the wheat is high in Vitamin E. It is used by organic cosmeticians to make a face mask to counteract dry skin. On the basis of available information, the CIR Expert Panel concludes that it is safe as presently used in cosmetic formulations.
Witch Hazel
Hammamelis Virginiana. One of the most widely used cosmetic ingredients, it is a skin freshener, local anesthetic, and astringent made from the leaves and/ or twigs of Hamamelis Virginiana. Collected in the autumn. Witch hazel has an ethanol content of 70 to 80 percent and a tannin content of 2 to 9 percent.