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Retinyl Palmitate
The ester of Vitamin A and palmitic acid, sometimes mixed with Vitamin D2. It was nonmutagenic in several animal species. The CIR Expert Panel says based on available data, it is afe as a cosmetic ingredient.
Retinyl Propionate
Vitamin A. A yellow, viscious liquid insoluble in water. Used in lubricating creams and oils for its alleged skin-healing properties. Can be absorbed through the skin. Its absence from the diet leads to a loss in weight, retarded growth and eye diseases. Too high a level can cause the skin to turn yellow and cause birth defects and pressure on the brain.
Rosa Centifolia- Hundred Leaved Rose
A fragrant garden rose Rosa centifolia with upright branches and large full white or pink flowers. Used in fragrances.
Royal Jelly
Highly touted as a majic ingredientin cosmetics to restore one’s skin to youthfulness. Royal jelly is the very nutritious secretion of the throat glands of the honeybee workers that is fed to the larvae in a colony, to all queen larvae and possibly to the adult queen. It is a mixture of proteins plus about 31 percent fats, 15 percent carbohydrates, 15 percent minor growth factors and 24 percent water and trace elements. If stored royal jelly loses its capacity to develop queen bees. Even when fresh, it has no proven value in a cosmetic preparation. No known toxicity.